Heat USA

Thank You for Clearing a Path

Heat USA would like to thank all of our loyal customers for clearing a path to their tanks and fill pipes. By shoveling the snow, you allow our employees to do their jobs quickly and safely. Remember: your safety is most important to us, so don't do anything that would put your health at risk.

Please stay warm and be safe.

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Why Choose Heat USA?

  • Average savings of 15-20 cents per gallon on heating oil

  • Free annual cleaning and tune-up of your system

  • 24-hour emergency heating system service

  • Top rated local heating oil service providers

  • Lifetime free or discounted full service contract including parts and labor coverage*

  • Heat USA member services available to assist you in any way

*Free or discounted service contract, contract coverage and cleaning coverage requires minimum consumption of 600 gallons per year.

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